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Need some pickup suggestions.
I didn't know who else to ask, and I seem to be banned from everywhere else...

I'm starting up a new project with my old buddy. It's all 7 string based, modern metal toned, progressive, melodic, and dynamic. Just imagine if Sevendust and Lazerwulf, had a baby. 

The other player, (Dequello, on here,) will be playing a 7 string d ropped, through a 6505+, and will be carrying most of the heavy chug/chunk, while doing the technical rhythm work. I can get you a little sample up if you really need it.

I will be using a 6 string, but with the top 6 strings from a 7 string set, tuned like a 7 string. I will have no high E, and my top B, will be dropped. I'll be focusing on adding to the that big chug/chunk, while doing more of a harmonizing, melodic, space filler kind of thing. I'll be using a lot of those 3 string, mute the middle string for the harmonic, type of stuff. probably a good bit of that Korn like, noise making to boot. Listen to a sevendust song, and you will figure out real quick what I'm talking about.

The guitar I will be using, is an LTD FX-260SM. Its a big bodied Explorer style, 3x3, 24.75 scale, TOM bridge, guitar. 2 piece Mahogany body, 5 piece maple neck, with a photo spalt fake top.

I'm using a Randall RM 50, with the Judge/GTO module as my main amp tone. I've already modded the module for a tighter low end, and more gain. (input cap, and R1.) It runs to my VF pine 2x12 cab, with Swamp Thangs.

I need a pickup, And don't know where to start anymore. Any maker is fine. I just need something powerful, that can handle the big strings, low tuning, and not flub out in the bottom. Any suggestions? 
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
That high powered overwound Fralin that Bruce has probably would work just wonderfully. I bet one of those modern type Fishman Fluence pickups would be pretty great for that too , the killswitch engage set maybe. I REALLY like my Flunce Strat pickup set and of course you know that I am a huge Fralin endorser, call Lindy and talk to him he knows more about pickups than anyone I ever met and will get you the right pup you require. Good luck with the new project !
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
I'm glad you chimed in, Oinkus. I had completely forgotten about the Fluence stuff, until you mentioned it. And I believe I know just the guy to ask about it, if someone would like to tell him what I'm looking for and doing. I'd really like to get an opinion straight from the source.

I've been devouring Dimarzio's whole catalog, and the Evo 2 keeps hitting me in the want muscle, but that Titan, feels like a have to have.

Didn't think about Fralin either. I hear they are great with customer support, and easy to contact. I may just give them a call today.

I appreciate it, bro. You helped me out more than you may realize. Now I don't have to even look at Duncan's line. Not that I was going to anyways...
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
You can find a decent pickup most anywhere really. I put the set of SD Mini Humbuckers in my last build because it was more than 100 bucks cheaper than Fralins and it worked out very well. Lindy Fralin will answer your questions honestly and give you his opinion on exactly what he thinks. He is a more clean sort of player but he knows more about pickups than the internet does. Go look at the review bruce did on that high output here
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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