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Image done to practice different textures/surfaces
Took a break from cartooning to practice/upgrade my skills a bit with this image.
This and more on my blog through this LINK.

[Image: Orb%2BPractice%2BImage.jpg]
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(02-18-2018, 08:06 PM)johnjohn Wrote: Took a break from cartooning to practice/upgrade my skills a bit with this image.
This and more on my blog through this LINK. I did the same thing. Learning parallel wiring, and a bunch of other stuff. Tele sounded better before making it "sound better". I am working on a blog-got the title up this year/last year. I guess wordpress and i don't get along, but free is in my range.

[Image: Orb%2BPractice%2BImage.jpg]
****johnjohn****did not say all of that****parallel wiring and crap came from me, texred who is so bad at posting that it has taken me a year to fix half of the first page, and that's wrong***********I'm very sorry johnjohn, and anybody who thought that was him, gone round the bend****
Hey, I'm glad you fixed that. I tried and couldn't do it, and no, I'm not Psychotic !!
Besides all that crap, I wanted to tell you your shading is amazing. I was thinking that as I looked at the blue; when I got down to the silver, it blew me away.
My preferred medium is colored pencils. Secondarily, pencils and charcoal. But my apple (first actual drawing) doesn't look like that. Put up more of your stuff.
Is that "graphic art" or whatever the current term is?
Thank you very much.
This is all digital, done in an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil in Procreate.
I switched from traditional to digital a while ago for my cartooning.
Still getting a feel for it in terms of the colouring.
At first there is the temptation to go bonkers using all the different brush textures, or making things look too shiny or flat.

I’ve spent most of my time adapting cartooning but now I’m taking time to get a feel for different approaches.

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