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Modeler vs Real Deal...
Well - One of the things on my to do list while on vacation is to run all my amps a little while to keep caps up/make sure things are OK (i'm way overdue).  I don't think any have been on since Sept 2016 when I got the old AX8.  Its kept me satisfied for all that time.  

I've been kidding myself.  LOL

So mostly I'm playing Fender models.  Twin/Deluxe/Vibrolux.

So I'm starting with my ol' 66 Vibrolux Rev.  Cable straight in.  Suhr with ML Classic set.  

No contest.

Everything is richer sounding...  The biggest thing is the bridge pickup.  Lots of depth - resembling a Tele vibe going on. 

The Volume and Tone need a shot of Deoxit bad, though.  
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I've plugged in my amp ONCE since last May...and that was to check something on a guitar.

Who cares if you only use one sound in the modeler if it is a sound that you like?

I use multiple sounds because that is the nature of the music I play. Yet I've been using two particular amp models in the Helix more and more lately.
Because I said so. 
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That's what pedals/channel switching amps are for! huge grin Actually, my Marshalls roaring on 10 is a bit... Ahem impractical.

Bottom line - I might have found myself a new rabbit hole to dig through!
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Usually have 3 amps one every day or 2 here but I don't play for hours a day even though I have nothing but time. Hands won't agree with it.
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Couldn't agree more.

Besides the 2 weekends I spent attempting a 7 strang project, my real amps haven't really been used at all for about a year. I do everything in my DAW with more amp sims, cab sims, impulse responses, and VST/VSTis than I know what to do with. And to be honest, I can pump out some pretty nice tones every now and then. Especially when you have the same track pumping on 10 channels in your DAW, each with it's own amp, cab, IRs, and effects. That, "wall of sound," is pretty easy to achieve these days. Plus you can just pull up a preset that you saved 20 projects back, and be right on the sound you are looking for. You gotta love technology. But yeah, there is no comparison still.

I guess it was about 2 weekends ago, I was home alone, and really wanted to feel my nuts rattle. I ran the Windsor/800 into my 2x12, and used my ABY box to toy around with it and the Randall RM Combo. Not even close. Those amps still just have a gut busting punch and feel that the digital stuff cannot do.

It's a combination of everything. It's the guitar, pups, and electronics working like they should. The amp, both pre and power section. Tubes, cabinet design, speaker choice, and shear whoomp that comes with it. You just can't reproduce that digitally. It'll never be the same.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
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This may sound like heresy, but I’ve never had a tube amp. In fact, my Fender Champion 100 is the biggest, loudest amp I’ve ever owned… not that I’ve owned all that many amps. The fact is, I would rather use a solid-state amp clean with modeling to come up with my sound just because I like the ability to sound good at any volume.

I should say, though, that I believe everything you’re telling me… I just have no interest in owning a better amp because I’m afraid that I’ll become spoiled!

The music project I recently joined has kind of an interesting business plan. Our bass player works as a booking agent for a local brewery and all he sees are acoustic solo and duo acts. He came up with the idea of having a small (three-piece) rock band that could play this type of place without melting faces but still providing a more lively performance. My 40-watt 1x12 is the perfect size for this band and modeling easily provides The right sound for the relatively low volume.
You do the best you can with what you have to work with
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I added a Truetone CS12 power supply to my bigger PT board and it is running into my Fender Prosonic recently and it really makes life better. I had a 5E3 kit here for awhile and that whole max volume and hot tube with a OD pushing it is something that nothing else will do period. My 2 H&K amps with the direct redbox outputs sound a million times better into a DAW than anything else I have ever used by a lot. Adjustable attentuation and a small amp on 1 watt is better than any modeling amp that I have ever used. I can't speak on those high end fancy ones like the Kempers and Fractal because I am flat ass broke. BriGuy you can get one of those new versions of the Marshshall DSL 40CRor 20CR ,change the tubes for 70 bucks and have instant wonderful at reasonable volume. I think I put up something about the one I bought and setup for a friend with the Celestion Creamback from Sweetwater (special build) it is a stack for 700 bucks basically. You should give it a try go to GC or somewhere and play around with some amps ,take your guitar try a few things.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
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LOL - I'm been running at 3 to 3.5 on the dial. Even on the little Princeton = way quiet, but yet still sounds good. Remember I'm coming from a different angle than most.

I'm curious about the current generation of attenuators/load box. I'd really like to do things that way - have all the processing inside the computer. I'd have more flexibility to get those tubes cooking if I need to.

That does not take anything away from modelers - they're quite good and getting better all the time.
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I have a Spider Valve HDII. Modeling pre-amp, tube power section. It seems to do what I want it to.
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FWIW, the one and only time I saw a real pro in action... He did not play loud at all. Les Paul Deluxe and Marshall Combo from the 70s. Never recognized the booster he used, but its rumor he used a fuzzface for that duty. That was probably 35 or more years ago.
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