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Modeler vs Real Deal...
Is all of this stuff yours, Reese? If it is, I'm getting pretty jelly over here. Almost hard, I think...

Dial that Mk4 into a thrash tone and let me hear it. The Mark series are the only amps that always seem to stay out of my reach. I've had several other Mesa's, but can never get my hands on those at the right time. They are my Unicorn, I guess.

L@75% M@25% H@75% G@60-80%

Slight overall boost on the sliders, with just a touch of center mid, and MV between 50-70%.

What Metallica, songs do you know? Lol!
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Anyone know of an amp sim that can pass off as a good Twin?

There is a high gain sim that I can't really get along with, but it's a duel channel and has a pretty tasty clean. But for some reason, no matter what you do with effects, it still doesn't do the "thing," that real ones do.

I don't even know how to explain it really. It's like a ring, with a low hum, and almost like a chime. The chime reminds me of a group of people playing bell's, or a group playing the glasses with water in them.

My best digital version still has a slight "pluck" to it, and I can only take my interface input down so far before it starts gating out.

I like stand alone software. To me, I'm building my own little custom effects processor inside my DAW, like what some of us used in the 90's as kids. I'm just doing it the hard way, as usual.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Yup. All mine.

Also got a pre-500 Recto and a Triaxis/2:90 setup. I've posted a pic of iboth in this forum.

Also a Fuchs ODS, which should do the Mark1/Dumble thing.

Probably can hack something together, but it will take time. Got to get some peeps out of the way. I'm guessing the MV you are referring to is the one to the left of the equalizer. If its the one to, its gonna be LOUD. LOL Still have to keep it reasonable.
Listless Vessels!
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