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B-Day Axe Rebuild: Or, Ooh! Something Shiny!
Well, I didn't go all out on it. The only time I wanted to mess with it was on Friday and Saturday, after catching a buzz. It's not quite done, and I have a few Karps, (fuck ups) to work out, and do an actual setup but this is pretty much her. Probably add a pickup ring, It needs it.

[Image: 28mgej.jpg]

I'll get a pic of the back of the neck for you. I took it down to a really nice feeling slim D. Turns out these necks were kind of meant for a custom shaping. There is enough meat in that sucker for any shape you want. No worries.

At the moment, it has a mixed match set of Gibson Green Keystones, and white kidney bean tuners. I need to order a new set, but I can't make up my mind on what style to use. I'm guessing a chrome set of Kidney bean Grovers would be ideal, but I use those on everything.

Finish is just an all in one stain, sealer, and poly. Only one coat. I only sanded the top, back, and most of the neck. That,s why its red on the sides, and stained on the front and back. It actually looks pretty interesting in person. Everyone seems to like it so far.

Moving the jack down to the normal spot makes a world of difference in the feel. Having that thing sticking out front will throw you off for some reason. Plus having a Tone and Volume control is always a good thing. 

The LQ Badass clone, is what it is and does what its supposed to. Not much to say about it except it's a million times better than the stock tailpiece that came on it. Just had to carve that depression in the body to get the height down. No problems at all really, though I'll probably replace the saddles and cut the new ones myself. The arch isn't quite right on the frets, but no biggie.

Wired it 50's style, "My personal favorite," with an old silver can .033 PIO cap, solid core wire, 500k mini pots, and an SD 59'. And here comes the problem...

This guitar sounds like total SHIT! And I don't really think its all in the pup. My wiring is right, and components are good. I've quadruple checked everything... This is by far the brightest, pluckiest, "if that's a word," honkyest guitar I've ever heard. It's currently unplayable because of it. I can't stand it! It sounds more like a Tele or Strat to me. Really more like a Tele. Nothing wrong with that, but that's not my kind of sound, and not what I want in this guitar.

So, what do I do about it? Where I start fixing this tone?

My first thought is to try a more low end oriented pup. Something A2 or A5 maybe? I don't want it too hot in this axe, so that cuts all the super high output pups out, looking for more of a medium output. Dimarzio Super D, maybe? I remember it having a good bit of ass end to it.

What do you guys think? The guitar plays great, but it's going to spend another 7 years in the closet or be given away if I can't get it right. I'd really like to get this one right, just to prove my wife wrong. She told me I'd hate it and never play it on the day I bought it, 7 years ago. So far, she's still batting 1000.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
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RE: B-Day Axe Rebuild: Or, Ooh! Something Shiny! - by karpathion - 04-18-2018, 10:55 AM

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