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Design idea for an illustration
Wanted to do a traditional illustration again so I came up with this quick idea today.
Pencils on paper and then coloured with watercolour pencil crayons.
More illustrations on my blog through this LINK

[Image: thumbnail_IMG_1440.jpg]
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You are getting better and better with the human/female body. I know I don't comment very often at all, but I can see a vast improvement over the last few years.

Keep it up, man.
I hear Mexico is nice this time of year.
Thx mang
The idea for this illustration is to show how the different parts of a car work together. I've chosen to illustrate the interior and exterior of a car, as well as the engine. It is suggested to be a useful source to download premium templates for free. It's important to take into consideration that not all cars are created equal, so I've tried to make sure each part that I'm illustrating is relevant.

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