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New Mixer
(12-29-2018, 06:31 AM)Oinkus Wrote: I put together my recording rig and hooked it up yesterday. What a nightmare Win 10 is to work with now , took hours to make it all work correctly. Wanted to record acoustical stuff with the new Fishman Loudbox Artist I bought.
The Fishman looks interesting.

Windurhs 10, yes what an abortion. I've stuck with 7, 10 is so dumbed down it's impractical for people who aren't computer novices. It's desktop filled with kiddie/phone icons and basic "apps " that the average person uses [Email and facebook etc ] is a fucking annoyance and I don't think there's one Icon/Tab there I would use.
It's also default installed all it's own Internet browsers , anti virus, firewall, etc. in the Microshaft cosmos.
If you want to get to the control side of things you have to hunt through menus to menus to find anything.
For anyone but computer illiterate users , 10 is a pile of user crap.
Win 10 does a bunch of things really well but the drawbacks are 100 times worse then any benefits you can find. The Fishman is amazing I put a $66 Fishman NeoD passive pickup in my 80s Hondo 2 acoustic beater and it sounds pretty great. It will expose your gear limitations it sounds crystal clear. A little built in reverb and chorus it is just fantastic. Here is a link to the tests to get stuff on SC took me 5 hours to allow stuff through windows to get there. Dsong is the beater track that is right out of the mix DI out of the Fishman Loudbox. It shows this site as Not secure for some reason up there in my bar WTH ?
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley
Yes the Acoustic comes up really clean. It's rather good.

You seem to like chorus on your rhythm guitars. :toast:
That Chorus is actually a delay except on the Fishman it is onboard Reverb and Chorus. Lovepedal/Hermida Audio EPH3 it is just a better sound in the Tubemeister 36 all around, plus an EP Booster turned all the way down.
Do as thou wilt . Aleister Crowley

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