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Offer on House
Securb Wrote:We hired a service there is too much stuff and I am way too old to move this crap myself.

Congrats on the move. I hope everything goes smooth for you.

I'm right there with you on being too old. Both of my kids are in college, and we're moving right in the middle of their Christmas break. That means that not only do I have them to help, but their friends too.

But, the heavy stuff (furniture, etc..) is being taken care of by a moving company.

And like Securb, I get to build a new ManRoom too. It's a wonderful thing when you're looking at houses, and your wife is as concerned about a private office for you as you are :)
There's no crying in baseball
I cant believe we are not moved in yet. We loaded and moved and entire moving truck and still didn't fit in all of our shit. That is with multiple trips in two SUVs. I am going to have to rent a truck next week.
I just got done Van Halen striping my new mailbox I will post pictures when it is mounted.

[Image: dsc03666.jpg]

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