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September 11th 2001
As far as I can see, I could be wrong, but not one single thread about September 11, 2001 on this site. Media coverage is lacking as well. Hurricane Ike is getting more coverage. How quickly we forget in this country.

This is to honor those who were murdered on September 11th, 2001. May God bring peace upon their families and friends.

This is also in honor of those that stepped up and made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.

I will NOT forget I will NOT Forgive!
First time on a computer today.

Will never forget those who fell that day and have been falling ever since.
...ignore your rights and they'll go away....
I said a prayer this morning. Somethings I am a little more somber with. I had NY on my mind a lot today.
It was on my mind all day today. I don't think it's something any of us have forgotten about.
There's no crying in baseball
It was on my mind all day, especially when I put out my flag in the morning. I don't think
anyone forgot and there's been alot of media coverage, at least I've seen alot today.

I was going to start a thread about it earlier but I didn't want to get everyone all bummed.
i have been thinking about it all day as well, but then again, I think about it all the time.....don't even get me started on it though. I can go on for hours about all the bullshit surrounding that day. I will say one thing, I still CANNOT BELIEVE that Americans believe the official story. If people spent more time reading and researching and less time on their fucking Myspace and Facebook pages, maybe the American public could actually convince the crooked and corrupt government to do a "real" investigation, and not use one that was fabricated in a room by a dozen criminals on September 10th.
I am constantly reminded of that day & all that we lost...& how my city & this country will never be the same.
it's my mom's birthday....

i was sitting in this seat when it all went down 7 years ago.

2 computers and a bunch of projects later, here i still sit.

hooch and i watched the 2nd plane hit in his office.... what a day.

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