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New Jersey callers dialing Democrats get sex chat offer instead
[SIZE="3"][SIZE="4"]New Jersey callers dialing Democrats get sex chat offer instead[/SIZE][/SIZE]

NEWTON, N.J. - A misprint in a telephone book has led to some callers dialing a phone sex service while trying to reach a New Jersey political organization.

A listing for the Sussex County Democratic Committee in Embarq's white pages sent people to a sultry female voice inviting them to pay for sex chat. Embarq spokesman Glenn Lewis told The New Jersey Herald of Newton that a transposition error caused the last three digits of the Democrats' phone number to be misprinted.

The organization's 800 number listed in the book's yellow pages was correct.
Ooops, I crapped my pants
perv on you onto this? free phone sex dude!!
It serves them right for phoning the Democrats.

[Image: images.jpg]
Ooops, I crapped my pants

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