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5,000 condoms swiped from Mexican condom-mobile
[SIZE="4"]5,000 prophylactics swiped from Mexico condom-mobile[/SIZE]

MEXICO CITY - Missing in Mexico: 5,000 condoms, sound equipment and a motor used to inflate a giant prophylactic, all stolen from a "condom-mobile" used to promote HIV/AIDS awareness.

The coordinator of an HIV/AIDS awareness tour, Polo Gomez, said the truck was boosted Sunday from its parking spot in front of a friend's house in Mexico City.

It was recovered Wednesday in a shopping mall parking lot in a northern suburb - minus the condoms and the equipment. Gomez said the thieves left some 800 HIV tests and a seven-metre inflatable prophylactic, which were also in the vehicle.

The truck wasn't hard to locate. It features painted images of a peeled banana, the exposed part shaped like a condom, and a shirtless man saying: "I protect myself. Do you?"

After the theft received widespread media coverage, residents phoned police with the vehicle's whereabouts, Gomez said.

The Condomovil program has toured Mexico since 1998 promoting safe sex practices while distributing 1.2 million condoms to more than 700,000 people, Gomez said. The inflatable condom was used to draw attention from passers-by.
Ooops, I crapped my pants
mexicans use condoms?

that is news!!
3dR3 Wrote:mexicans use condoms?

To smuggle cocaine
Securb Wrote:To smuggle cocaine

then what are all the dogs for?

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