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The Fart Thread
Thank god there is a forum where I can discuss this because my wife wont talk with me about it. So we had Chinese take out last night and I had a 6er of Guinness Extra Stout. I am in my Manroom this morning ripping the most heinous sulfury egg farts I have ever smelt. I think the big bowl of ice cream after the Chinese food may have helped.

I think I may have stumbled on a new worst fart combo.
Any one of those three would give me toxic ass. You brewed up a perfect storm in your colon.
Speng Wrote:Any one of those three would give me toxic ass. You brewed up a perfect storm in your colon.

I could have woke up and started eating easter eggs. But the wife would have put me out of the house
my house smelled like farts all weekend

and it wasnt from me.... it was the eggs :shifty:
I just laid the smackdown on the office restroom. Happy Easter.

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