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105-Year-Old Virgin Reveals Secret Of Longevity
man, I can't imagine all the free time I'd have if I didn't have a sex drive.
Hooch Wrote:man, I can't imagine all the free time I'd have if I didn't have a sex drive.

No kidding, you might even have enough time to be the Head Zookeeper for a bunch of online miscreants.
...ignore your rights and they'll go away....
I still think this bitch is only 45, it only seems like she's been alive 105 years because she's never been railed.
She's only a virgin if you dont count anal
Speng Wrote:Nah, she said this in the interview:

"People have asked if I'm a homosexual — the answer is no," she added.

I glazed over that part....

The only hassle with sex is that the chicks actually talk before and after LOL

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