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Nintendo Wii
We had a minimally-visited Wii thread over at TMR, so I thought I'd give it another shot...
Haha.... I like playing with my Wii...
Fel Wrote:Haha.... I like playing with my Wii...

different thread dude...

We currently have Mario Kart playing non-stop at home since we got it this weekend. I keep having flashbacks of being in the dorm and playing it on SNES.
I haven't picked up Mario Kart yet...

Last Wii game I was into was Super Smash Bros Brawl. Not a bad game, but much better with a room full of people. The single player story starts off alright, but started to get pretty repetitive by the end...

Online was a good idea, but poorly executed. Laggy most of the time, I could only get a solid game every once in a while. Much better with a few friends over, having tournaments or whatnot.
The wife wants a wii for the wii fit game. Anyone purchase it that could give a quick review?
NYs FURY Wrote:The wife wants a wii for the wii fit game. Anyone purchase it that could give a quick review?

I don't own it yet, but I've played it a little. There should be enough in there to keep you both entertained. The yoga and arobics stuff I didn't get into much, but there was some decent workout-equivalent stuff in there. When you accomplish more of the basic stuff, you unlock other advanced moves, so there is a definite progression though the "game". Some of the strength-training moves were good and provided a little burn, but the most fun, at least for the guys, comes with the balance games. Ski jump, slalom, heading soccer balls, a marble madness type game... they'll keep you busy when the wife lets you play.

here's a demo of the hula hoop:
Excellent, another reason to get the wii. It will give us both a workout, although I will finish my workout before she does...huge grin

I don't know all the exercises it has but I hear you can do push-ups and squats on it. I went out looking for a wii and all the places I checked told me they were sold out. I can't believe they are still have supply issues with this console.
I didn't get too deep into all the exercises. Didn't do true pushups but there was an alternate version where you do a pushup, then twist your body so you raise one of your arms straight up in the air, hold it, then bring it back down. You repeat that a few times. That was probaby in the yoga section. I didn't think it would do anything for me, but I broke a sweat doing it.
Hooch Wrote:Ski jump, slalom

I have a "Joyboard" that I got back in the early 80's for my Atari 2600 which I totally forgot about until I read your post. You stood on it and shifted your weight to control the action onscreen. It came with a ski slalom game and there were supposedly other games in devlopment, a surfing game and shit like that. I still have it packed away somewhere.

What does this have to do with the Wii? I guess not a damn thing...I just remembered the thing. LOL
Still can't find a wii. Sold out everywhere I go. The guy at Best Buy told me people are standing in line Wed mornings when they get their shipments and buying all the wii's that come in.

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