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The "Holy Fucking Shit" Thread
Hooch Wrote:At least she puts her tit where her mouth is.

got pics?
3dR3 Wrote:got pics?

They're in the subscription section of the site
Chef_Tony Wrote:I worship the ground that kid walks on....bats his eyes at Salma and she sticks a tit in his mouth?!?!? God damn, I must go to Africa and learn from him!!!!

bats his fly covered eyes
Hooch Wrote:They're in the subscription section of the site

shit, i was looking in the prescription portion of the site....

I think that should kick off a dedicated thread to primate video... monkeys riding XXXX, monkeys doing XXXX, etc.
Didnt Buch fall off of one of those things.....holy shit is he a moron

[Image: Bush_Segway_Crash.jpg]
He fell but his Dad didn't, Bush Sr. is one tough old dude.

check that shit out.....

paranoid or prepared?
3dR3 Wrote:

check that shit out.....

paranoid or prepared?

Definitlly prepared if he was paranoid he would have never fired a bullet. That's why I would rather have a gun and never fire it than need one and not have it.

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