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Week 10 NFL Preview
[Image: ahmard-hall-150x150.jpg]Hard To Ignore? Titans Go For 9-0; NFL Network Kicks Off ?Thursday Night Football?; Eagles-Giants In NFC East Clash

It?s hard to fly under the radar when you?re undefeated.

But that?s exactly what the Tennessee Titans believe they?re doing, and it doesn?t bother them a bit. The Titans this week seek to become the 11th team -- including one in each of the past three years -- to start a season at 9-0 since the 16-game schedule was established in 1978.

And they don?t care if people haven?t quite noticed. ?I still think we?re flying under the radar,? says Titans fullback AHMARD HALL, a former U.S. Marine. ?But that?s OK. It doesn?t matter to us as long as we keep winning. But I do think we?re getting harder and harder to ignore.?

The Chicago Bears won?t be doing any ignoring this Sunday when they welcome back an injured-reserve member of their 1985 Super Bowl XX team (and an unofficial coaching aide to BUDDY RYAN in the famed ?46? defense) -- the longest- tenured head coach in the NFL, the Titans? JEFF FISHER.

Titans-Bears is only one of the big games on the schedule of a week that begins with the kickoff of the NFL Network?s eight-game schedule that offers live game ?look-ins? on and, for the first time ever, a live game streamed on a phone through NFL Mobile Live from Sprint.

Only some of the Week 10 games that will be heating up the early-November chill:
Let me start off this thread with a Dolphins over Seahawks guarantee.
Securb Wrote:Let me start off this thread with a Dolphins over Seahawks guarantee.

Hasselback is out with a buldging disk in his back I think the fish are a lock
Securb Wrote:Hasselback is out with a buldging disk in his back I think the fish are a lock

agreed!huge grin:cool:
Fuck that was close.
Fucking Packers....two safeties and a missed field goal...they're in third place right ahead of the winless Lions.
I wonder is where Hooch is ...jail?, cardiac ward? psycho ward?
Securb Wrote:I wonder is where Hooch is ...jail?, cardiac ward? psycho ward?

I'm here now. spent most of yesterday in the parking lot or game, finally got home and to bed around 2:30.

Not a good scene after the game. Lots of bloody faces from both teams' fans. I did see a bloody old dude kick a Giants fan in the balls hard enough to make him leave his feet. I fell the ground holding my nuts just watching it.
Well I guess I should be happy that I couldn't make the game:eek:
It was one of the best games of this season. Simple game plan executed > stop #36 & run the BEAST! :cool:
That makes me want to hold my nuts just reading about it

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