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You're f'ing kidding me right?
[Image: 8_49.jpg]
Father 'decapitated and dismembered cerebral palsy son, 7, with a meat cleaver and left his head at side of road'

Quote:A father has admitted to chopping his son's head off with a meat cleaver and leaving it in the roadside outside his home so that the child's mother would see it.

A passing motorist saw the decapitated head of seven-year-old Jori Lirette, from Louisiana, and alerted police.

Detectives later found the boy's body in a rubbish sack that had been dumped nearby.

The boy's father, 30-year-old Jeremiah Lee Wright, is alleged to have confessed to decapitating his son.

Jori was wheelchair bound and needed a feeding tube having been born with cerebral palsy.

Wright is said to have told police that he did it because 'he'd gotten to the point where he was tired of taking care' of the boy',

Police Chief Scott Silverii said: 'He told us when he put his head out by the side of the road it was so the mother would see it when she came by.'

He said Wright's only explanation for doing so was 'just that he wanted her to feel stupid when she saw the head'.

The crime scene was so gruesome that some of the police who responded to the emergency call have had to have counselling.

Investigators said the grisly killing was carried out over a kitchen sink at the Louisiana home the boy shared with his father and his mother Jesslyn.

His hand and feet were also cut off and discovered nearby in plastic garbage bags.

A forensic team removed the sink from the house in Thibodaux ,Louisiana, as part of their murder investigation.

Wright is understood to have confessed to the killing and is co-operating with police.

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Turns Out That DSK's Swanky Hotel Suite Was Stained With The Semen Of Four Other Guys

In a motion to dismiss rape charges against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Manhattan prosecutors today reported that an analysis of carpet stains in the Frenchman’s $3000-per-night Sofitel hotel room “contained the semen and DNA” of three unknown men, while a stain on the room’s wallpaper contained the semen and DNA of a fourth unknown man.

The revelation that the swanky 28th floor suite was semen-soaked is contained in a footnote in a New York State Supreme Court recommendation for dismissal filed by prosecutors with the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

As for the source of that stray semen, investigators noted that, “the circumstances under which the unidentified DNA was deposited are unrelated” to the encounter between the 62-year-old Strauss-Kahn and hotel maid Nafissatou Diallo.

On August 8, Diallo, 32, filed a civil lawsuit accusing Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund, of sexually assaulting her in mid-May at the Times Square-area hotel.
Speng Wrote:Turns Out That DSK's Swanky Hotel Suite Was Stained With The Semen Of Four Other Guys

That is less than they found in Kobe's accuser's panties
Bull semen forces closure of interstate ramp

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Canisters of bull semen caused quite a scare on the on-ramp to Interstate 65 South Tuesday morning.

The canisters fell off a Greyhound bus just after 5 a.m. as the bus traveled around the curve of the ramp just south of downtown Nashville.

Fire and emergency crews were called to the scene amid reports of a foul odor.

When they discovered four unmarked canisters with steam and an unpleasant odor coming from them, they shut down the on-ramp and called HAZMAT crews.

Officials traced the containers to Greyhound after finding bus tickets on the ground. The bus did not know it lost its load and had continued on.

Authorities called Greyhound, who, after speaking with the driver the bus, determined the canisters to be filled with straws of frozen sperm packed in liquid nitrogen.

The load originated in Columbus, Ohio and was en route to a breeding facility in Laredo, Texas.

Canisters like they ones strewn across the interstate typically carry between 300 and 400 straws, each containing one-milliliter of sperm.

Depending on the bull the sperm came from, straws are worth between $18 and $50 each, according to experts. It's possible the load that fell off the bus Tuesday morning was worth as much as $80,000.

Once the leaking canisters were deemed not harmful, they were moved to a grassy area next to the interstate.

A local company was called to assist in the cleanup. The scene was cleared around 9 a.m.

A Greyhound spokesperson said it's not uncommon that the bus was carrying bull sperm.

In addition to transporting people, the also company transports cargo. The canisters were filled with liquid nitrogen and thus could only be transported by ground.

Greyhound said the sperm was stored in a separate compartment below the bus and not near the belongings of passengers.
Man accused of having sex with pool raft had also violated inflatable pumpkin

A Hamilton, OH man has been arrested after being accused of engaging in sexual conduct with a pink blow up swimming pool raft.

Edwin Charles Tobergta, 32, is charged with one count of public indecency.

Tobergta was arrested at his home early Sunday morning. According to the arrest report, Tobergta stole the raft and was observed by a neighbor engaging in sexual conduct with it.

When the neighbor yelled at Tobergta, he stopped, pulled up his pants, and threw the raft over a fence.

According to court records, he has four other public indecency charges in Hamilton Municipal Court and another in Butler County.

In one public indecency case in 2002, he was caught having sex with an inflatable pumpkin that was part of a Halloween display.

Tobergta told police he was having sex with the raft because has a problem and needs help. He asked officers to not send him to prison, but he was taken to the Butler County Jail.
Three people were killed and two police officers were wounded in a shooting a few blocks from the annual West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, capping a violent holiday weekend in which nearly 70 people were injured by gunfire.

Updated statistics obtained by NBC New York on Tuesday show that at least 67 people were shot between 12 a.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Monday. That includes nine on Friday, 10 on Saturday, 33 on Sunday and 15 on Monday.

Preliminary numbers indicate as many as 10 were killed.
[Image: 317500_10150298527040267_52094725266_808...2355_n.jpg]
The Daily Mail reports that “Obama Fried Chicken,” complete with the President in suspenders and bow tie and the slogan, “We’re so cool, aren’t we?”

It is already bizarre enough (and probably some sort of copyright infringement, but that depends on what copyright laws in communist China are like) that this independent company decided the President of the United States would be their best spokesman, but it appears they aren’t alone in thinking Obama = infinite chicken profits. The actual KFC has used the President in Chinese commercials, too. The Daily Mail

[Image: article-0-0E2A745D00000578-38_634x419.jpg]
Westboro Church Uses iPhone to Announce Steve Jobs Funeral Protest

The Westboro Baptist Church took to an iPhone when they heard about Steve Jobs’ death Wednesday night, sending out a message saying the Apple founder would be going to hell and calling for a protest of his funeral.

“Westboro will picket his funeral. He had a huge platform; gave God no glory and taught sin,” wrote Margie Phelps, daughter of the church’s founder.

The controversial group often pickets outside of soldiers’ funerals to draw media attention to their cause, which includes anti-gay material. Phelps tweeted the messages from her account, with an automatic note appearing at the bottom of the Tweet saying “via Twitter for iPhone.”

“No peace for man who served self, not God,” she wrote with the hashtag, #hellgreetedhim. “Westboro must picket.”

Thursday morning, Phelps responded to widespread criticism of her using the iPhone to Tweet the messages, saying that the phone was created by God–not Jobs–for that purpose.

“Rebels mad cuz I used iPhone to tell you Steve Jobs is in hell.God created iPhone for that purpose! ” she wrote.

Arrangements for Jobs’ funeral haven’t been announced.

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