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I can't imagine the smell
3dR3 Wrote:would it be more sporting to have them in the double wide wheel chairs so they have to make it under their own power? LOL

How about pushing them with a group of midgets? Midgets always bring the laughs.
Speng Wrote:How about ressurrecting Fear Factor? It'd be called Fat Factor, the participants need to dig a hunk of food out of a roll from one of the fatties and eat it.

I'd watch that.

Participants spin a big wheel with body parts on it ...armpit, stomach, love handles, ass crack and wherever the wheel lands that is where they dig in for the food. The wheel is progressive so the food stays in there until someone spins on that space. I say we use shrimp they will be easy to pull out by the tail.
I say have two "participants", who haven't eaten in a week, in cages at either end of a big room with a barrell of Big Macs in the middle. A timer starts and the cages open. The winner is the one who eats more big macs... but the fun is watching them get there first.
the floor should slope slightly to each side, so it's an uphill battle.

i would also lubricate the floor to add interest....

i'll even personally add the special sauce to each Big Mac.

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