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MySpace Hottie of the Week: Sara Jean Underwood
[Image: wp-admin]Welcome to the first edition of the new Zoo feature... The MySpace Hottie of the Week. Each week we'll feature a new babe whose pictures set the world of MySpace... and our PCs, on fire.

We're going to start this one off with a bang! I intended this feature to focus on the girl-next-door, round-the-way girl types, but we're throwing that concept out the window in week one. Our very first MySpace Hottie of the Week is Ms. Sara Jean Underwood, 2007 Playboy Playmate of the Year.

Selling out already? No, not really. Sara was on TMR's friend list way before she was crowned 2007 POY, when she was just a lowly monthly playmate. How many of her current stalkers... I mean "friends" can say that?

Just take a look at the pictures and video below and it's obvious why Sara was named Playmate of the Year. I'm positive that honor was not the highlight of Sara's career and we'll be seeing much more of this little blonde bom... Click here for full article
love this thread already!
Love that last picture. Doesn't fit in at all with the rest of them.
This should blow the doors off POTC....
Just looked at her myspace page, she's a hometown girl. Might just have to invite her down to the restaurant. huge grin
For those of you just seeing this in the forum for the first time... make sure you catch visit the main article page which includes video of Sara's photoshoots.
do you think we can rent her for the day.....ya know like a moral booster

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