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The Sammich Thread
wonder what kind of sammich it was?
Sammiches are serious business in these parts.
DUTCH police have arrested two people at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport for allegedly having hidden three kilograms of cocaine in sandwiches, authorities said.

Inspectors found the drugs last week in 33 sandwiches in the luggage of the two, a 30-year-old man from Suriname and a Dutch woman, 56.

"With the unpacking of the sandwiches ... it transpired that they were not fit for consumption," said a military police statement.

"They were filled with about 100 grams of cocaine each."
that's a hell of a sandwich....
Very expensive samich, definitely not a $5 foot long.
I think it's like a 3k foot long......
Meet Elsie Egan. The Florida woman, 53, is facing a felony domestic abuse charge for allegedly striking her boyfriend several times in the head with a raw steak, according to police. Egan, pictured in the below mug shot, was busted last night after a confrontation in the Dunnellon home she shares with Peter Schabhuttl.

The 49-year-old Schabhuttl is described in a Marion County Sheriff's Office report as disabled and terminally ill with cancer. He told cops that Egan, his live-in girlfriend of 16 years, struck him "on top of his head with an uncooked steak (approximately 10-16 oz.)" after they quarreled about bread to be consumed at dinner.

Schabhuttl wanted a roll. Egan, however, wanted him to eat sliced bread. "He said that when he refused, she attacked him with the steak," reported Deputy Carmen Gallup, who noted observing slight redness on Schabhuttl's right cheek and the crown of his head. While Egan denied wielding the steak, she admitted slapping Schabhuttl several times "so that he can learn."

[Image: 1208091steak1.jpg]
Securb Wrote:While Egan denied wielding the steak, she admitted slapping Schabhuttl several times "so that he can learn."

First, I always get psyched when I see a new posting in this thread because I never know what it's going to behold.

Second, I know if I was struck about the head with a raw steak, I know I would learn which bread to eat at dinner. Ayup, that would teach me.

Thank God he used the correct fork to eat his salad or who knows what would have happened.
There's no crying in baseball
if she hasn't trained him by the 16th year........ give up.
Two Germans needed hospital treatment after they fought a pitched battle in a supermarket with salamis used as clubs and a chunk of Parmesan cheese brandished like a dagger.

The fight took place in the western city of Aachen when a 74-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman both laid claim to a shopping trolley on Saturday.

As the pensioner wrestled the cart from the hands of his rival, her 24-year-old brother stepped forward and floored him with a punch.

Together with their 53-year-old mother, the brother and sister then took the trolley into the supermarket. But the OAP came round and followed them to the cheese counter.

He clubbed the younger man with a salami as his mother tried to fend him off with a sharp 4lbs piece of Parmesan.

The pensioner then pushed the woman down on to a glass countertop on which she cracked her head.

Police arrived to break up the melee. Two of those involved were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

The trolley was undamaged.

A police spokesman said a sudden rush of shoppers on the last-but-one Saturday before Christmas had depleted the supermarket's trolley reserves and "raised tensions" between the would-be customers.

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