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2009 NFL Offseason
PHILADELPHIA (AP)—A Philadelphia man who accused former Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison(notes) of shooting him has died from wounds sustained in another shooting.

Philadelphia police say Dwight Dixon died Friday. Dixon, 33, had been hospitalized since being wounded multiple times by an unknown shooter in July.

Dixon was convicted in January of lying to police about the earlier shooting, which happened April 28, 2008. His lawyers say Dixon initially did not say Harrison shot him because he was afraid of him.

Investigators determined that a gun owned by Harrison was used in that shooting but declined to file charges because of conflicting accounts of who pulled the trigger.

The Colts released Harrison in February. He remains a free agent.
No witness = shooting never happened...isn't that straight up mob mentality?
There's no crying in baseball
As soon as someone can surgically remove that fork from Harrison, he'll be a great signing.
Any team with a young recieving corp could benifit from a one year deal with MH if he was willing to mentor. Giants, Miami, Jets...use MH in your 4 -5 reciever and gadget plays.
Securb Wrote:Any team with a young recieving corp could benifit from a one year deal with MH if he was willing to mentor. Giants, Miami, Jets...your use MH in you 4 -5 reciever and gadget plays.

True. If the Giants had signed him a year ago he could have mentored Plaxico as to proper gun safety and they wouldn't have lost him.

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