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Interesting things in movies
Obviously, Patrick Swayze's been in the news a lot lately and I certainly don't want to pick on a dying man. But.....was looking at this promo picture from The Outsiders. Notice something different about Swayze?

[Image: SIPA_Outsiders_Cast_080312_ssh.jpg]
Will it blend? That is the question.
Yes he looks gayer.
Prog Wrote:Notice something different about Swayze?

That is too funny!

This is a minor one that not many people would catch, but one of the cable channels was running some Rocky marathons over the holiday. I caught the intro to Rocky II a few times and noticed something. It is the ambulance taking Rocky to the hospital and going through the streets of center city Philadelphia, but if you pay attention to the streets the ambulance is driving on, it is actually going in circles... like in one shot City Hall is on it's left and two shots later it is driving towards city hall.
This will be a great thread. I'm constantly asking my wife "did you see that?" during movies... like a dead body blinking or shit like that. I'll have to come right to this thread from now on.
typically for me the stuff I catch all the time is the music equipment in movies. A lot of times there is great detail in making sure the instruments and amps match the period but every once in a while I will see a guitar that came off the of a guitar shop last week in a 1950's or 1960's movie. The most recent was the movie Control it was a 70's era film and the guitarist was playing a Gibson SG Platinum that just came out last year. The weird thing was everything else in the movie was period down to the synths, drums, amps and every other guitar the guitarist used.
The one I always notice is in Raiders of the Lost Ark, when they are in Cairo...right after Marion gets kidnapped and tossed in the back of the truck Indy shoots the driver and the truck flips on it's side. You can see a piece of a telephone pole sticking out of the bottom of thr truck, they used that pole and small explosives to flip the truck on it's side.

I never knew what that pole was until I watched some videotape called "Great Movie Stunts: Raiders of the Lost Ark".
Another great goof in Indy 1 is when he drops into the pit of snakes underground. Look closely the snakes are behind plexiglass and you can see Harrison Ford's refection in the glass when he is face to face with the cobra
I think they might have fixed that for the DVD release. It's really noticeable in the VHS box set from the 90s.
you guys are dorks!


I can't recall what I've seen of late but do remember the beginning of Rocky.

Patrick is a bit short... haha

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