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Check Out My Knife Collection!
I recently got back into knives about a year ago. Today I picked up a Benchmade Rift 950SBK from the first production run. It's #426 of 1000. I'm kinda psyched. I just photographed them all and want to show them off...

[Image: KnifeCollection2.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection3.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection4.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection9.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection010.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection012.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection013.jpg]

[Image: KnifeCollection014.jpg]

Benchmade knives seriously ROCK. I'm happy with every one that I've bought so far. That last picture is my Benchmade Nitrous Stryker 912SBKD2 assisted opener with my Fenix P3D Premium flashlight. That knife is awesome. I absolutely love the thing and that little flashlight puts out 200 retina searing lumens. It's amazing.
Pretty sweet collection! I collected knives for awhile in the 90's, nothing in particular, just whatever I thought was cool.
Yeah, I've always been into knives since I was a kid and kinda bought one here and there but have lost most of them. So about a year ago I got back into it. Most of my knives are in the $60-120 range but I want to start buying more quality and less quantity. I'd love to have something cool and of value for my boys to fight over when I kick the bucket.
I have carried a Benchmade Griptilian every day in my right front pocket for the past 3 years. Best knife (other than Chef knives) I have ever owned.

That's a nice collection.

Maybe someday I will post a pic of my gun collection. At the same time, wouldn't really want to scare some people. huge grin
Hey I just got two more knives with a third on its way. I got a Blackwater Tanto II designed by Bob Lum and built by Benchmade. It's a limited production and I got #98 of 250. Also got a crazy kinda rare Emerson SpecWar CQC7 made by Benchmade I guess before Emerson started their own production...

[Image: BlackwaterTantoII003.jpg]

[Image: BlackwaterTantoII004.jpg]

[Image: BlackwaterTantoII007.jpg]

[Image: BlackwaterTantoII005.jpg]

[Image: BlackwaterTantoII006.jpg]

[Image: BenchmadeEmersonSpecWar002.jpg]

[Image: BenchmadeEmersonSpecWar004.jpg]

[Image: BenchmadeEmersonSpecWar005.jpg]

[Image: BenchmadeEmersonSpecWar003.jpg]

[Image: BenchmadeEmersonSpecWar006.jpg]
I just received this beauty in the mail. It's from Blackhawk knives. Blackhawk makes all kinds of law enforcement and military gear. This is their BHB30 assisted opening partially serrated folder. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. The blade and metalwork and fit and finish are awesome but I didn't realize that it had nylon/plastic handles which while making it very light, also make it feel kinda cheap and for the $110 that I paid for it, I wish it had G-10 handle scales. Still a very cool and fast opening knife.

[Image: BlackhawkBHB30001.jpg]

[Image: BlackhawkBHB30003.jpg]

[Image: BlackhawkBHB30006.jpg]

[Image: BlackhawkBHB30004.jpg]

[Image: BlackhawkBHB30005.jpg]
I've gone a little overboard lately with the knife buying. I bought 5 knives in the past week and a half at an average price of about $120. Yesterday I bought this beauty from some shithole gun shop in Philly. They had quite a few nice Benchmade limited editions there and choosing which one to buy was tough. I selected this Benchmade 960-02 Osborne w/ carbon fiber limited edition #147 of 500. It's officially the nicest knife that I own. I just spent about 45 minutes in the backyard photographing my entire collection. Well, almost my entire collection. There's one more on the way from eBay...

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics008.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics018.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics023.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics066.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics068.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics041.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics044.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics092.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KnifePics097.jpg]
Here's the entire collection so far...

[Image: 2008-06-07KNIFEPICS146jpg.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KNIFEPICS130jpg.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KNIFEPICS120jpg.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KNIFEPICS110jpg.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KNIFEPICS239jpg.jpg]

[Image: 2008-06-07KNIFEPICS244jpg.jpg]
you should have no problem cutting your steak......
Today I got another one. I went back to that shithole gun shop in Philly and got this GORGEOUS Benchmade 941TI-01 Limited Edition Osborne #65/500. The thing is SWEET! I'm in love with it...

[Image: 941ti007.jpg]

[Image: 941ti008.jpg]

[Image: 941ti005.jpg]

[Image: 941ti001.jpg]

[Image: 941ti002.jpg]

[Image: 941ti003.jpg]

[Image: 941ti009.jpg]


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