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American Idol Starts Weeding Out the Herd - 8 Go Home Tonight
Last night was the first of 3 semi-final shows for American Idol. Some parts of it were good, some not so good.

Here is the link to my column that was posted on the's website today, along with my predictions as to who may be moving on to the next round.

American Idol Starts Weeding Out the Herd - 8 Go Home Tonight

Enjoy, and your comments are welcome

There's no crying in baseball
UGH..... I had to watch 30 minutes of this last night....

I know whom I don't want to hear again...... names... i don't know them :lol:
The little blonde chick with the pink highlights can pipe.
i'm glad the emo crying bitch got voted off.

she sucks.

she's lame.

she's gone.

thank you.
here's my commentary on the issue:
[Image: casey3.jpg]

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