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The Stripper Thread
Why do I know this thread is going to blow up LOL

An Australian man who pimped a 16-year-old schoolgirl paid her with chicken nuggets for having sex with men, a court has been told.
Ronald Vikash Gander, 27, and his 16-year-old girlfriend devised a plan to prostitute a teenage girl so they could afford the weekly $1,050 rent on a serviced inner-Brisbane apartment, the Brisbane District Court was told.
The court was told the girl made $4,500 for having sex with five middle-aged men in June last year.

Gander and his girlfriend used the money for living expenses and paid the girl nothing except for the occasional box of chicken nuggets.
The court was told Gander's girlfriend - who cannot be named - threatened the student, who had run away from home, with eviction if she didn't continue having sex with clients to earn her keep.

Judge Marshall Irwin described the prostitution offences as "sordid".
"The girl was used as if she was a piece of meat ... and your conduct can properly be described as that of a sleaze merchant," Judge Irwin said.

Hole Story Here
I wonder what size box of nuggets they used. You think there was a price chart on the wall: Handjob - Six Nuggets.

I like paying my whores with Arch cards, that way they can get whatever they want. Sometimes my bitches need a salad.
Makes you wonder what she would do for a chicken cutlet
Shit, how far around the world would you get for a Happy Meal?

Err, I mean, that's fucked up yo!
...ignore your rights and they'll go away....
I've got a boner and a quarter pounder with cheese, that should be good for some action.

Ok, that just sounds wrong.
It had to be posted

That's why my wife gives me $2.50 after sex!
Will it blend? That is the question.
what the fuck are they putting in nuggets these days??
It's not the nuggets these teen age hookers go crazy for it is the dipping sauce. huge grin

nuggets are made from chicken

chickens are made with cocks

i guess i can see the connection....

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