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The Stripper Thread
Securb Wrote:Dude that is Rhode Island not Boston. They are worlds apart. Dont even lump us in with that tiny shithole of a state. They will do anything to generate tourisim. Weedshops are legal there as are brothels. Not to offend anyone but Providence is a shit hole. There is more criminal activity going on in RI than all of New England.

man, i sure can fuck up when reading... :lol:
Gator Wrote:And, thanks for lookin out for me a moment ago.

That's what Bostonians do for each other roll eyes
An alleged illegal strip club inside a Lawrenceville home attracted up to 200 people, including teenagers in the middle of the night, a neighbor said. Jim Ferguson, who lives next door to the makeshift club, said he called police around 2:30 a.m. July 18 to complain about a noisy party. “I heard a young woman ... yelling ‘I’m going to kill you,’” Ferguson recalled Tuesday.

He went outside and saw dozens of cars parked along his street and around the block. Teenagers were roaming around the street and the parking lot of the Georgia Power office across the road, Ferguson said.
Gwinnett County Police said the homeowner, Constance Trahan, was operating a strip club in the basement and garage of her home in the 1400 block of Purcell Road.

Police said they found a sign that read “1 Dollar Jello Shots,” along with minors consuming alcohol on July 18.

“There were about 200 people there,” Ferguson said Tuesday. “It took an hour and half to clear the house.”
Love the part about the kid getting caught carrying pot in his mouth...

I wonder how much pot can you actually carry in your mouth...
There's no crying in baseball
I can't relate... we only have dead strippers in our basement.
Gator Wrote:Love the part about the kid getting caught carrying pot in his mouth...

I wonder how much pot can you actually carry in your mouth...

About a half ounce or so.....I have heard
man, this story has given me some great ideas for the next Zoo BBQ.
FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) - Police have closed down a Cape Coral barber shop run by two brothers who allegedly prostituted young girls there.

Neighbors said they suspected B's Barber Shop, because customers often came and went without a haircut.

Investigators raided the business Thursday, arresting 24-year-old Walter Barragan and 25-year-old Alfonso Barragan III. The two allegedly had sex with minors and offered them to clients in a back room.

Police found out about the operation when a suspect in an unrelated drug case showed them a cell phone video of 1 of the men having sex with the girls.

Walter Barragan trained to be a policeman in Cape Coral, but resigned in January during field training.
man, cell phones are fucking everyone..

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