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There are some good jobs out there.
Securb Wrote:‘it fell out.’

I'll have to remember that one.
Securb Wrote:An employee of a staffing agency on York Street told officers that a man entered the business on Monday, and during the interview process exposed his genitals, according to a report.

The victim said the man entered the business and sat down at her desk while she collected information such as his name, previous employer and Social Security number, police said.

“The victim stated that during the interview, she looked over and the suspect had his penis out of his pants and in his hand,” the report stated. “The victim stated that the suspect told her, ‘it fell out.’”

victim? really?

he probably still got the job...
skarydrunkguy Wrote:victim? really?

he probably still got the job...

If I remember correctly Cleatus masturbated through his entire interview here at we figured he was just really excited to get the job.

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