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This weeks Perfect Parent Award goes to...
Police in western Pennsylvania released information about a mother who had been charged with giving her daughter drugs and alcohol so that the girl could be impregnated by the mother’s boyfriend. The mother, 32-year-old Shana Brown, is unable to have children but wanted another baby. Her solution was to have her 40-year-old boyfriend father a child with her daughter.

According to the Associated Press, the couple decided to drug the girl. Police Det. Donald Gmitter called the people “sick,” and announced that Brown was to turn herself in late Thursday. She has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Her boyfriend, Duane Calloway, faces several counts of attempted rape.

MSNBC reported that there were three separate attempts. The girl told police that the idea was formed in December. The first attempt was made while Calloway was alone with the girl, who had to kick him away when he began groping her. The second time, the girl believes her mother spiked her Pepsi with rum. Police said the girl felt ill after drinking the Pepsi, passed out and later threw up, waking up partially naked with Calloway in the room. The third attempt, which was made in mid-March, occurred when the girl came home sick from school. Brown forced her daughter to drink some tea, and the girl fell asleep. She told police that she only pretended to sleep, and woke up when Calloway made a move.

Police said they found a rum bottle, Tylenol PM, and a pill crusher at the Brown residence.
jesus christ....... mother of the year.
TAMPA, Fla. -- A Tampa man is in jail after police say he tortured a 10-year-old relative because she found his stash of pornographic movies.

Tampa police said they received an anonymous tip that 36-year-old Moslim Al Assadi tied the girl's hands behind her back and forced her into a partially filled bathtub where he dunked her head under water several times.

The girl's siblings watched the incident. They said she turned blue while being dunked in the water. Tampa police detectives along with child protection investigators went to the home Thursday and removed the victim and two other children.

Police said Al Assadi has been investigated on child abuse allegations two other times, but each time investigators cleared him of any wrongdoing. He is charged with aggravated child abuse.
Take that guy about 100 miles into the Atlantic and drop him.
Will it blend? That is the question.
Where is the girls father. If that was my kid there wouldnt be much left of him to put in jail.
aren't Muslims supposed to kill themselves when they see a naked woman?

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