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Special Olympics
Last week I participated in Special Olympics' Spread the Word to End the Word event, and I made the pledge. Just thought I'd pass it along since it's for a good cause and recommend giving it a look. The whole idea focuses on respect, acceptance, and inclusion, and I can personally relate to it knowing quite a few friends with family members with intellectual disabilities
I was blessed with a niece that was born with downs syndrome about 2 years ago. She only lasted 4 months in this world but in that time she taught a lot of us about faith, strength and courage. Even though my sister knew very early on the baby would have downs syndrome and other issues she still decided not to terminate the birth. She wanted to let the kid have a chance. It was very sad but a huge life lesson for a lot of us.
i can't even crack a joke in here without feeling like a complete asshole

but as you know I'm retarded.......
Yes we know you are an asshole you are excused.
It's just good to be conscious of it ya know? I'm sure everyone's guilty of it once in a while, but the more you know, the more you can watch out for it. Special Olympics is just a good organization all around when it comes to really promoting acceptance, but you never know who has a family member or knows someone with an intellectual diability when you let the slur fly so it's easy to offend someone, even if you aren't trying to. I worked with learning disabled kids when I was in high school, and the experience was really rewarding for me

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