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Zac Efron
Having a set of testicles and seeing I am a 40ish year old black guy not a 13 year old white girl I haven never heard of this guy.

Now the past two weeks everywhere I turn this fruit turns up. SNL, every talk show promo there he is, they are really pumping this rehash POS movie 17 again and you know what it will make a ton of cash.

I would love to dope smack this fruity bastard. Can't wait til he gets caught with weed so I don't have to see his goofy ass anymore.
I'd like to punch the singing, dancing little homo right in his vagina. He makes Clay Aiken look masculine.
I don't know what's gayer, this dude Zach

or your thread complaining about him ;)
Not as gay as soccer

[Image: gayest-moments-sports-41.jpg]
Sadly for me, having two daughters (18 & 22), I do know who the little shit is. I guess I can be thankful that they are both past the stage of putting posters on their walls. I already lived through a couple of stages of that with all of the boy bands of the 90's and the entire male cast of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
There's no crying in baseball

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