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Yard work is killing me
Securb Wrote:You got off easy I am dealing with a fucked up irrigation system...again. I am covered in mud and of course the broken head is in the middle of Ginger and Lola's favorite shitting spot.

Securb Wrote:I am covered in mud

That's not mud
Hooch Wrote:video?

Scary that I can say this. Don't we have enough video of my dog shitting on this site?
I was going to do the Fall seeding but it is raining all weekend here. It will give me time to catch up on some reviews and bang out the Sunday and Monday Night Football posts.
The lawn is now dethatched, mowed, leaf blown and reseeded. Hooch hows that vacation going... bastard.
Damn, you've been busy. It's too cold and windy to do any yardwork this weekend.
I have been doing hurricane clean up since 9 AM. Mostly blowing leaves and a bit of mowing. I probably have one more major leaf cleanup before winter.
I raked earlier when it was calm outside, the wind kicked up and blew a good portion back up the driveway.
Speng Wrote:I raked earlier when it was calm outside, the wind kicked up and blew a good portion back up the driveway.

I found a pro leaf blower on the highway a few years back. Even with that puppy the leaves were blowing all over the place. I had to fill it 3 times to get the job done. Then I had to go over the yard with the mulching mower to finish off the yard. It does look great but I am a piece of beat up crap.

I blew so many leafs today I feel like Nicollette Sheridan.

[Image: garret_sheridan1.jpg]
I spent the extra couple of bucks and bought Scotts turf Builder this year. I have to admit it is worth the money. The grass is coming in thick and it has killed about 70% of the weeds and crabgrass. I am still going to have to throw down some kind of weed killer especially for the clover

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