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Yard work is killing me
I've got an assload of mushroom in the yard. I was picking up dog crap (my Mom's dog, now mine) and I was wondering how a small dog could shit so much. Mushrooms shaped like dog turds, that has to be a delicacy somewhere.
I cut the grass in the front yard today, the first time since 07/27/1013. I always write on the calendar when I cut the grass in the front because it grows so slow, it's on the North side of the house and it's shaded. Anyway, I was surprised it's been so long.
I've been mowing weekly for 3 months....ARGH!
Because I said so. 
Damn, three months already? My backyard usually needs a weekly mowing but I've only had to cut it twice so far.
I laid down Scott's Weed n Feed and it has been raining non-stop. My lawn is like a jungle. I have to cut this mess tonight after work.
I know you guys have heard me bitch about my neighbors yard for years. This year I figured I would chronicle it so you would know what I am really dealing with here.


[Image: BlDCl1jIUAAjeDq.jpg]


[Image: Bmz2ItcIQAImi1h.jpg]


[Image: BpnPZkeCQAAsEaJ.jpg]
may/june are the best.

july can suck it.
I am heading out to do the Spring clean-up. right from the snow blower to the mower no break in between.
No mowing today. It's storming here.

And Festival Internationale is supposed start this weekend.
Because I said so. 
[Image: attachment.php?aid=449][Image: attachment.php?aid=448]Winter landed early here. It's wood collection time.  It's rained recently, too. That means I'm going to have to mow soon. I didn't all summer.

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