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Random Prizes!
Securb Wrote:If you guys could see the shit that we turn down that marketing people tell us is perfect for the site. Scary

Kenny G is Albert Pujols compared to another contest currently active.
Next week we are giving away tampons
I was hoping for some Midol.
I want to award an AXE grooming prize pack to Dwayne Cornhauler just for being so damn good looking

[Image: 8_3.jpg]
he has such nice hair.

i'll bet he uses paul mitchell.
Hooch remember the AXE stuff that went missing from the office? I think my cousin Dreshawn may have taken some of it.

[Image: 7_10.jpg]
Looks like Dreshawn was hit in the afro with an axe.
This is fantastic. I'm so unprepaired. First I'd like to thank God and the academy. Also I would like to thank a growler full of gloden monkey and a bottle of Dogfish OLde school cause I don't remember getting on the computer saturday night.
[Image: olde-school-barleywine.png]
For once I'd like to be called sir without someone adding "your making a scene".
considering that there really isn't a place to put this, I got a wacky confirmation email from entering the $100 visa giveaway... something about last years playoff and superbowl champs. Just FYI.
also, the Thundercats sweepstakes is sending the message "ghost hunter"... as is the actual ghost hunter sweepstakes. Hopefully it turns out correctly on your end or I've been entering for a prize I have no interest in for the past few days.

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