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Don't Play with Poo
Rare raccoon roundworm blinds NYC teen

NEW YORK - A rare disease transmitted through contact with raccoon feces has left a New York City teenager blind in one eye and an infant brain damaged.

The city's Department of Health warns parents to be on the alert for raccoon roundworm, which can cause nausea, nerve damage and even death. It says fewer than 30 cases have been reported in medical literature.

Health department spokeswoman Sally Slavinski says parents should supervise children to keep them from eating raccoon feces. Droppings should be picked up using gloves and disposable bags and put in the trash.

The worms lay eggs in the feces; they hatch after being ingested and travel through the body.

The teenager lost sight in one eye in January. The infant has been hospitalized since suffering seizures and spinal problems last October. They're from Brooklyn.
Speng Wrote:Parents should supervise children to keep them from eating raccoon feces.

Well there goes our weekend plans
If someone has a kid that's eating feces, a trip to the psychiatrist's office might be a good start.
thanks for the tip
I guess I'll discontinue my all feces diet.

I'll never be ready for beach season..... *sigh*
Thank god monkey shit is still safe to eat.
Oddly enough monkey shit (and any feces that contains visible kernels of corn) is safe to eat.
I don't want to know why you know that.
Ransack Wrote:I don't want to know why you know that.

If it's any consolation you can squeeze the juice from dookie and drink it too.

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