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TMR Staff Announcements
We are proud to announce the addition of yet another columnist here at TMRZOO. Dominick Walsh will be joining us as a staff writer covering Men’s Health & Fitness. Dominick currently blogs at and has been kind enough to come over to here periodically to help us shed our beer bellies and promote general health.

Here is his first TMRZOO column.
Dominick, welcome to our crazy, disfunctional family.

Great first column. Looking forward to some exercise/diet tips.
There's no crying in baseball
after giving up on the all feces diet I'm sure these columns will be a great addition
Dominick, welcome to The Zoo. You have your work cut out for you getting our asses in shape.
Welcome Dominick
welcome, Dominick
i'm eating a cheeseburger and fries for lunch

is that healthy?
Only if it's fried in lard
There's no crying in baseball
I had 3 pepperoni pizza hot pockets and a roast beef sandwich for dinner the other night. Maybe I should check out that column.
I would like to welcome our newest columnist AL "Punjabi" Velleman to our staff. Al will be covering Outdoor Sporting with an emphasis on firearms. If the last name looks familiar it should he is Gator's younger brother.

Take a second and check out Al's first column.

[Image: cro-magnum.jpg]

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