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TMR Staff Announcements
nice. just what the office needed, firearms.
ok, who super glued my asshole shut?
Welcome to the staff Al.

I have a feeling we're going to be in the market for a new office ape very soon.
Thanks I am hoping this is a hit
Welcome to the site Al, I enjoyed the column.
"Kids, you tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try."

Homer Simpson
I would like to introduce you to our newest staffer Gaylord Swaby. Gaylord will be reviewing consumer products and gadgets for TMR an area we have wanted to develop further for a while. He is a self proclaimed gadget geek and a hell of a writer. His first review of the FLIP UltraHD Video Recorder is awesome you can check it out here.

[Image: pat_radio_monkey.jpeg]
Welcome to TMR!

Sorry about your shoes, we'll replace them for you... you'll find out real quickly that you shouldn't wear good clothing to the TMR offices.
I love making these announcements. It is great to see our staff grow along with our traffic. Please welcome Jonah Falcon to our staff. Most of you probably recognize the name from this article or this article.

Having a 13.5 inch penis is not Jonah's only claim to fame. Jonah is also a video game blogger and will be doing game reviews and keeping us up to date with the latest gamer news.

You can check out his first TMR column here.

[Image: pacmonkey.jpg]
The staff total penis size just tripled.
Hooch Wrote:The staff total penis size just tripled.

It's cool that he let's us use his penis as a wiffle ball bat during our after lunch game. I don't even mind wearing the velvet batting gloves.
ok, who super glued my asshole shut?

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