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TMR Staff Announcements
Is there a video of Hooch doing 120 MPH?
Speng Wrote:Is there a video of Hooch doing 120 MPH?

Yes I taped him running out of the P Diddy party
It'll be up, speng. I also have Scott pruett takin me thru the short course. I look like a bobblehead while he is perfectly still.
I would like to introduce Heywood Jablomey he is our new Music Editor and will be posting reviews shortly. He currently works as a tester at the Bose Headphone factory.

[Image: 15_55.jpg]
We have new staff joining us. You may have seen the new sports predictions by our new betting guru Riot Boyer. I can't wait to see his football and baseball predictions in a few months. Currently he is covering the NBA finals for TMR.

Joe Currao from has also joined the team. Joe is a hardcore computer and gaming geek in the best way. Joe will be reviewing gaming hardware and computer gear for TMR. He is also my kid so dont leave shitty comments on his posts.
Welcome guys!
We just added Dick Hurtz as our expert on Dating and Sex Advice I am sure you will find his commentary insightful

[Image: 9_102.jpg]
I am trying to find one of these suits for Cletus. If anyone sees one please let me know.

[Image: 20080613-crown_royal_suit-0011.jpg]
You buy me a couple hundred bottles of Crown Royal, and I'll make that suit for ya.
I found this on YouTube about our Gaming Editor


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