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The Rescue Me Thread *SPOILERS*
I haven't seen any of the fourth season, I'll be getting it when it hits DVD next month, so please - no spoilers.

I heard the last season wasn't that great, anyone have any input? I'll be getting it regardless but I was curious if you guys had any thoughts.

I saw Denis on tv saying that they just started filming the new season so it won't be aired until next March. :mad: There will be 22 episodes instead of the usual 13. They're also going to be showing ten minute "minisodes" during the off season to keep interest for the show going.

Fucking writers...nothing changes
The last season was not as bad as the critics said it was. There were some great moments, and some real shockers. Still one of the top 3 shows on the tube.

I just heard an interview with Lenny Clark the other night. He said they have the first 3 episodes filmed already. FX has to show the final season of The Shield first.
There's no crying in baseball
I actually enjoyed last season. I loved the storyline for Lou especially when they introduced Artie Lange (I hope he becomes a regular) and Tommy as usual was fantastic. Next season should be a blockbuster Leary is the kind of guy to bring it up a notch if criticized, and bring it to the next level. I have to thank Gator for turning me on to this show.

Still waiting on The Shield …..and…… waiting.
Here's a note on Rescue Me that I just stumbled across in USA Today:

'Rescue Me' minisodes stoke fans' interest on break

By Gary Levin, USA TODAY

FX's Rescue Me, facing an extra-long break because of the writers' strike, is turning to an unusual tactic to keep the fire burning for fans: a series of weekly five-minute segments, dubbed "minisodes," that will air Tuesdays at 10 ET/PT starting next week.

The darkly comic series about NYC firefighters, starring Denis Leary, last aired in September. New episodes won't arrive until April, an eternity in TV, because of production delays and scheduling concerns.

"You're looking at 19 months off the air, which is technically cancellation, I believe," says Peter Tolan, who writes and produces the series with Leary. "We felt there was some risk there, and the best way to hedge our bets is to give us some face time with our audience so they don't drift away."

FX chief John Landgraf, who worried Rescue fans will "forget it exists," came up with the idea. And on the bright side, when full episodes finally return, fans will get 22, up from 13 in previous seasons.

The minisodes don't connect to the new season, but they do answer fan calls for more comedy. "They said, 'We miss the guys talking in the kitchen about sex, their lives, and foolishness in the (fire) house,' " Tolan says.

"One involves a flashback that explains something that goes all the way back to the beginning of the series, and another is a dream sequence tied into Tommy's psyche," Leary says of his character, Tommy Gavin. "It starts out as a really sexy dream and ends up as a nightmare."

Tolan hopes they help erase a subpar fourth season: "The story choices we made took us away from our main guys. It was sort of treading water."

FX doesn't expect millions of viewers to tune in for five minutes a week, so it's also streaming the minisodes on several sites, including YouTube, Hulu and Crackle. "I bet more people will watch these things on the Internet," Landgraf says.

When Season 5 finally arrives, it will "pick up where Tommy left off emotionally, with the death of his father (Charles Durning) and the fact that everyone else is in grief about it, but he's not," Leary says.

Also new: Karina Lombard as a French journalist researching a book on 9/11, "and that's sort of a thorn in everybody's side."

I think I agree. Looks like I'll be checking it out online.
There's no crying in baseball
Thanks Gator, I was just about to post that very article.
I just finished watching Season Four of Rescue Me, much better then I was expecting.

Yeah, there were some "holy shit" moments. It's going to be a looong wait for season five.
They know that, that's why they're putting the 5 min "mini-sodes" on every Tues at 10. Just to keep us interested and so we don't forget about the show.

If you haven't seen the "mini-sodes" yet, the two that have been on have been pretty good. I believe you can see them online also on FX's website.
There's no crying in baseball
Not to skirt over your post about The Shield, are the Rescue Me mini-sodes done? I haven't watched any of them but I haven't seen any commercials recently promoting them either.
Speng Wrote:Not to skirt over your post about The Shield, are the Rescue Me mini-sodes done? I haven't watched any of them but I haven't seen any commercials recently promoting them either.

I'm not sure I Tivo them. Some are real funny others are so so. Nothing replaces the series.
I wonder how they're going to release them on DVD, as a separate release to keep interest going or just include them on the eventual relase of the fifth season.

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