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Post - Election 2008
Fel Wrote:Haha.... I'm looking at buying my first home in the next year or two.... I couldn't be happier.

As the house values drop so don’t the tax revenues. So you might be able to buy a cheap house but will it be in a community that has horrible schools, a depleted fired department over worked cops. Add to that shitty roads and shitty neighbors because immigrants are snatching up these cheap houses and living in them 20 deep. A lot of them hard working people, a lot of them selling drugs.

Now the Starbucks and Subways start moving out of the community because they can’t make a buck, what comes in to replace them porn shops and strip clubs if your lucky. Most likely bodegas, bars and Korean markets will replace them.

5 years latter you want to get the hell out of the neighborhood because you’re sick of your house being broken into on a weekly basis and walking through junkies and hookers to get to your house. You refuse to put bars on your windows and live in a prison like your neighbors, you just want to get out.

But you can’t sell because they people that bought in cheap with you 5 years ago brought down the housing values another 30%. Real estate doesn’t always go up.

Real estate is speculation, just like the stock market some areas go up some go down and never truly come back. My old neighborhood never bounced back, now the same thing is happening in Gator’s old neighborhood across town. The city we grew up in is now a cesspool and it all happened pretty much as described above.

Good luck on buying a new home keep in mind tings are cheap for a reason. I am actually looking at new houses my self right now it is a buyers market.
^^ I understand completely what you're saying, and I'm making sure that's not the situation I wind up in.

I live just north of Toronto, and things aren't that terrible here. There are seedier areas for sure, but I stay well away from those. Right now I rent an apartment in a nice quiet village surrounded by the "city" that the greater toronto area has become. This place is development as far as the eye can see. But for now I'm in a nice pocket with a nice apartment and cheap rent. In a few years, I'm gonna go a little further north, farther away from the city core. We have some nice developing towns here now because Toronto just keeps growing. In a two years, the prices won't be rock bottom like they are in the posted article, but there will be a dip in prices, enough to make it worth while.

Best case scenario, I find a nice house in a developing area (as opposed to one that's run its course and is in decline) and save 50K on it. Then in the next 5-10 years, maybe I'll be able to take care of it and resell it for a marginal profit and get the place I'd really like to be in long term.

Ontario, Canada, is on the verge of economic decline right now, so thing are going to get a little tougher, but I don't think things will degrade to the point where I need to fear my surroundings. The federal government would never let that happen in this area, since it's one of the places they can "show off" to the rest of the world. the trick is staying out of the core where congestion is way too much and all the transients find a living on the street. 40 minutes north of downtown is a prime place to be right now!
Looks like Palin is a gun nut

[Image: palin_bikini.jpg]
Securb Wrote:Looks like Palin is a gun nut

[Image: palin_bikini.jpg]

Ah, photoshop and a crossman pellet gun. Gotta love it.
Holy shit, it's Peggy Hill
There is a ton of them on fark

[Image: palinwhore.jpg]
Securb Wrote:There is a ton of them on fark

[Image: palinwhore.jpg]

the photoshop job is great you can barely tell.
the republicans should have one of those things they made in Major League for when they won and removed a portion of clothing.... Vote for Palin nude..

sure beats the last 2 elections
In an exclusive interview with CNBC.com, Wilbur Ross, chairman and CEO of WL Ross & Co., says he sees possibly as many as a thousand bank closures in the coming months. And this will create opportunities for investors.

That means the wealthiest 1% in the nation make money on this nightmare and the other 99% of us get fucked.
OK, whose idea was it to bring her to Philly?


Did anyone NOT think she'd get booed?

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