Poll: Are celebrities assholes?
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some are, others do good things.
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smelly vagina
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Are Celebrities Assholes?
Just wondering the general consensus after seeing how much TomKat spent on their little bundle of Scientology for her birthday.

Moreover, why is that news?
A better question is why are psuedo-celebrities Jon and Kate news? Do we really care if they are having problems or not? Even Good Morning America has fallen into the trap, having them on twice this week. Pathetic.
There's no crying in baseball
I have meet a lot of celebrities and the true talents are usually real nice people it is the B list celebrities that are usually assholes. Dee Snyder is the biggest asshole I have meet.
LOL I enjoyed checking the poll results

i think the fact that there are A list, B, C, and now D list celebs kills me too.

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