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Your GM Horror Stories
Securb Wrote:GM just sold Hummer to a Chinese company does that mean if I fill up my Hummer I am just going to have to fill it up again an hour later?

With material like that, you should have replaced Leno.
Will it blend? That is the question.
I've had four GM products over the years. An '88 Cutlas Supreme, an '89 Cutlas Cieara International, an '89 Cutlas Supreme and a '99 Saturn SL2. Pretty much junk. Might be great for "normal" driving but when you drive 300 miles a day like I used to they don't last long. The best was the Saturn. I managed to get about 185,000 miles out of it and it was well over 100,000 miles before it needed a major repair. The interior and the hardware were absolute crap though. The dome light fell out shortly after I bought the car and things pretty much kept falling off from there on.

I do have to say that my Mom is still driving her '89 Pontiac 6000 with few problems.

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