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Giveaway - Port-O-Pong Inflatable/Portable Beer Pong Table
[Image: wp-admin]To celebrate the return of summer and the warm weather, The Zoo is giving away a portOpong inflatable beer pong table, courtesy of, to ONE lucky winner.

Prize Description:
The portOpong is the world's first inflatable beer pong table! Our inflatable beer pong tables are the only tables that have recessed cup holders and grommets built in so you can strap your table down while playing outside, or suspend it from a tent or tree. And don't forget - portOpong was designed for the pool! This floating beer pong table is more then just a raft - it's year round fun waiting to happen! The portOpong is 6 feet long x 3 feet wide x 4 inches tall and made of durable vinyl.

Check out the portOpong video below... complete with bikini babe:

Contest Rules:
Entering the giveaway is simple, fill out the form below with your name, email address and answer to today's quest... Click here for full article
we need a few of these for the office...
Would love to win this! Could definetly used it this past weekend!
Did somebody win this yet? My pool would love thhis next summer. I am willing to accept a random prize:)
For once I'd like to be called sir without someone adding "your making a scene".
bdog1221 Wrote:Did somebody win this yet? My pool would love thhis next summer. I am willing to accept a random prize:)

This giveaway prize has been awarded, but I will send you one that I have had at home still in its box for the past 2 years.


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