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David Carradine Found Dead from Hanging In Thailand
[Image: david-carradine-hanging-photo.jpg]
that can't be real, the hanging guy has dark hair
3dR3 Wrote:that can't be real, the hanging guy has dark hair

I read it's a wig, he was doing some know, typical stuff a dude does in Thailand.
Speng know, typical stuff a dude does in Thailand.

What else is there to do in Bangkok
i'm still not allowed back in shifty so it's been a while.
[Image: images_8.jpg]
The first reports were suicide, right? How the fuck can you hang yourself with your hands tied above your head and that low to the ground.

Fucking Bangkokians....
Reports are he was in drag wearing pantyhose! Hooch I think we have a contest here. How about whoever guesses correctly the object found lodged in David Caradine's colon wins a copy Nickelback Live At Sturgis on DVD. Guess correctly how many inches long the object is you get the clubs. What do you think!
I guess a copy of Nickelback Live at Sturgis DVD was lodged in his colon. Did you guys get a whole case of those things or something?
Securb Wrote:What do you think!

Additional reports are saying it WAS the Nickelback: Live at Sturgis DVD that was stuck in his colon.

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