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The Hangover
yeah, for a vegas movie it sure lacked tits.....

until the end.

I'm thinking sequel maybe....
Saw it today. My expectation were set so high. It is a funny movie. Classic? I dont think so.
you saw it too late

or sober LOL
my 18 year old daughter and her boyfriend saw it this weekend. She thought it was OK, he thought it was piss your pants funny. Both are prety good judges when it comes to that stuff, so it probably falls somewhere in the middle. I'll wait for the DVD.
There's no crying in baseball
Yeah, a new wave of people have been saying I need to go see this. Since I don't see anything but kid's movies at the theatre anymore, I'll wait for DVD. I'll make sure we run a giveaway for it.
i'd like to win that if possible ;)
Well, no matter what you think, they just announced a sequel due out next summer. This has the makings of turning into a terrible National Lampoon sequelfest... I'm betting #3 will be direct to video.
#2 ok

#3 no! don't do it!

why are filmmakers such whores?

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