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The Greatest of All Time
Discussions will be popping up all over the county today, by water
coolers, in cubicles, at the gym, on the subway, in the cafeteria. These
particular discussions will not be whether US should invade North Korea
and finally remove that psycho Kim Jong-Il. They will not be whether David
Carradine committed suicide or died in some strange, sexual accident. They
will not even be whether or not Speidy (don’t ask) should, or should not
still be on I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here.

While all of these are certainly interesting, worthy discussions, people
will be talking about this: Is Roger Federer now the greatest tennis
player to ever step on a court?

The reason people will be discussing this is very simple. It will lead to
a much broader discussion of who is the greatest in each sport. People
love talking about this. It has been a debate that has raged for decades.
And, the more great players we get the privilege to watch, the more
players we get to add to the argument.

The Greatest of All Time
There's no crying in baseball
You know the older I get the more I think about how good it was "back then" and that today's athletes are more driven by monetary motivation instead of the love of sport.

This is why I like to watch sports in a more pure form whether it be college or even local small teams. People that are playing simply because they want too.
ok, who super glued my asshole shut?
Yeah, I found it interesting how I have no pro athletes from any of the major sports who played in the past several years (Jordan retired in '01, Gretsky in '99). And the ones in the other sports still play for the love of the game.
There's no crying in baseball

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