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MySpace Hottie of the Week: Carlee
You know we've made the right selection for MySpace Hottie when she has also been named to the FHM top 100 Digital Darlings list. Did I say she made the list? Oh, I meant she won the whole damn contest and was #1 out of the hottest 100 contestants.

This week, we present to you Ms. Carlee Ranger... model, California girl, provider of infinite hotness. Oh, and holy shit look at that bod! It looks like Carlee was a nursing major at Arizona State. How is it that all these hot chicks are in the health profession and I always have grandma Moses taking my temp at the doctor's office? Anyways...

Give Carlee's MySpace page a look and for even more goodies check out her official webpage. If you have any serious job inquires for Carlee, you can shoot an email over to

Wihout further ado... here's the real reason you're reading all ths crap:

Click Here to see the full article and the rest of the pics!
Wow....sorry, that's all I have at the moment. Wow.

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