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Man used 'Geek Squad' badge to coerce sex
Parsippany cops: Man used 'Geek Squad' badge to coerce sex

PARSIPPANY - A 25-year-old Newark man was arrested Thursday after allegedly using his "Geek Squad' employee badge to impersonate a state police officer and allegedly coerce a woman into sexual acts, Parsippany police said today.
The incident unfolded at 5:35 p.m. at the Days Inn on Route 46, Officer Earl Kinsey said.

The alleged victim told police that she had agreed to meet the suspect -- Jay Mora, 25, of Newark -- at the hotel to "engage in a sex-for-money transaction,'' according to the police report.

While in a room together, Mora allegedly passed off his Geek Squad ID as a state police badge and told the woman he would release her without arrest if she agreed to have sex with him, police said.

After they engaged in sexual acts, the suspect allegedly refused to leave the room, police said.

The victim contacted a relative on her cell phone, who then contacted police.

Upon arriving at the hotel, the victim pointed out the suspect, police said.

Mora was arrested and charged with sexual assault and impersonating a police officer, police said. He was being held in the county jail on $75,000 bond
Steve when are we getting TMR badges?
I should try that with my Process Servers badge!LOL
I'm suprised that the pimps in the Geek Squad have to impersonate anyone to get mad tail. After all, they are straight up badass ballerz.
What was he hanging around for? He was brilliant up to that point.
Will it blend? That is the question.
he wanted sloppy seconds

of himself....

shouldn't he just do like the other geeks do and steal her nudes when she brings her laptop in for updates :shifty:
Did they arrest her for prostitution? She agreed to get paid for sex, and only he got arrested. That doesn't seem right.
Ransack Wrote:Did they arrest her for prostitution? She agreed to get paid for sex, and only he got arrested. That doesn't seem right.

I was wondering that too, she wasn't an innocent victim. She just didn't get paid for services rendered.
at any time was there a broken computer......

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