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Fox Honors the King of Pop with Special Encore
[Image: wp-admin]Fox honors the King of Pop with special encore airing of Michael Jackson - themed "American Idol", Monday, June 29th on FOX.

To honor the memory and celebrate the life of one of the most iconic entertainers of our time, FOX will air an encore of the Michael Jackson-themed AMERICAN IDOL Performance Show Monday, June 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

This season?s Top 13 AMERICAN IDOL contestants had the privilege of performing music from Michael Jackson?s songbook, including ?The Way You Make Me Feel,? ?Black or White,? ?P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing),? ?Remember The Time? and the seminal hit ?Beat It.?

The original show aired live on Fox on March 11th and the performances were mixed ( ). Still, it's certainly worth the time to watch it again.

The specific performances featured on the broadcast were as follows:
Lil Rounds singing ... Click here for full article
If there is any justice in the world right now Elvis is busting his foot off in Jackson's ass for banging his daughter

Quote:If there is any justice in the world right now Elvis is busting his foot off in Jackson's ass for banging his daughter

C'mon, like the consummated the marriage..... roll eyes

he made her dress up like a school boy if anything.
3dR3 Wrote:C'mon, like the consummated the marriage..... roll eyes

I am sure she got ass fucked
i guess anything is possible

hey, wouldn't a more fitting tribute be playing the Home Alone Trilogy?
One more fuckin special and I am going to put my foot through the TV, there isn't this much coverage when a Pope dies. Two of the three major networks had 2 hour specials last night.

We all watched the guy grow up and turn into a freak there is nothing we don't know about him. What else can they tell us?
did you know his asshole was pink?

i found that out during a special
I cant believe (actually I can) that they gave Michael Jackson 4 more awards posthumously for a greatest hits album. If he was alive that album wouldn't have received a single award. To add insult to injury this is his second greatest hits album and both albums share a lot of tracks. Remember HIStory? It just goes to show what a sham these award shows are.

A greatest hits album...really?
no one remembers history, look at our government, you'd think this was our first year.
[Image: jackodeathphoto.jpg]

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