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Arturo Gatti Found Dead At Age 37
[COLOR="Blue"]What the hell is going on with all of these athletes/entertainers dying this summer?

I've seen many of Gatti's fights on HBO, and while I wouldn't put him in my top 5 list, he was always entertaining. You can't ask for more than that.[/COLOR]

From AP:

Foul play suspected in former boxing champion's death in Brazil

SAO PAULO -- Former boxing champion Arturo Gatti, one of the most exciting fighters of his generation, was found dead in a hotel room in the posh seaside resort of Porto de Galihnas early Saturday.

Police investigator Edilson Alves told The Associated Press that the body of the former junior welterweight champ was discovered in his hotel room at the tourist resort, where Gatti had arrived on Friday with his Brazilian wife Amanda and 1-year-old son.

Alves said police were investigating and it was unclear how the 37-year-old Canadian died. Foul play is suspected in the death, the CBC reported.

"It is still too early to say anything concrete, although it is all very strange," Alves said.
There's no crying in baseball
Gator Wrote:What the hell is going on with all of these athletes/entertainers dying this summer?

Its the economy
Ahh. Now it all makes sense. Thank you, and let me remove all sharp object from my home :(
There's no crying in baseball
Who cares? 'Celebrities' die just like everyone else. Fuck 'em. How many other people with more value to society are killed each day? Dr.s, soldiers, porn stars... all are worth more than douchebagrichfucks like MJ, this guy, and the other jackholes that nobody should care about.

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