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Is it over for the Yankees?
I say not! It's June 1st and they are only 6 1/2 games out of first. They need to get their butts in gear and play like their lives depend on it. Stop losing to mediocre teams. If we can get consistent hitting and pitching we will be back in the hunt. A good trade would be welcome right about now. But who is out there and available that can help this team?
I am hoping they pull it together I have Sox/Yankees tickets for the last series in September. I want to see a battle
Don't worry about it. You will see a battle. The Yankees will pull it together. Their pitching will come together. Chamberlain will do fine. Hughes will do fine. Their batting will turn around. Before you know it, they'll be back up near the top again.
I don't know how long the Rays can sustain this early season magic they have going. The Red Sox are the Red Sox, a proven commodity, but the Rays are a little different.
There's no crying in baseball
Anyone watching the game this evening. It figures Farnsworth would give up the lead....Part of me wants to see Joba as a starting pitcher but something tells me we would be better off having him come into the game to set the stage for Mariano.
It's going to be very interesting to see what he does as a starter. I've never been a fan of Farnsworth. I just heard this morning that Joba has only had 15 starts as a starter, even in the minors. I didn't realize that. This might be more of a challenge than I thought.
There's no crying in baseball
He didn't make it three innings. 62 two pitches in 2 1/2 innings. Not good at all.
Go Jays Go! huge grin
Fel Wrote:Go Jays Go! huge grin

Uh, where??
There's no crying in baseball
Its about time we get a come back win...Two in a row, keep it going!!!
Good come back by the Yanks today. Damon goes 6 for 6 and gets the game winning hit. Keep it up boys...

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